By identifying the customs clearance needs of its customers in the best manner and by developing the ideal solutions with its corporate knowledge and customer-oriented approach, Aktoğ is one of the leading actors in the sector.

With its external operations staff positioned in all customs and the courier operations that enable flow of documents at the fastest level, Aktoğ ensures that customs clearance transactions are concluded smoothly and rapidly without any problems.

Thanks to the flexible and innovative software implemented within its structure, Aktoğ ensures that declarations of cargoes brought by any type of transport are prepared easily and within the shortest time. Thanks to its infrastructure that provides electronic data flow on the road while cargos are on the way, while assisting customer representatives in completing their preliminary preparations and by determining the tariff-based legislative requirements, Aktoğ directs its customers as soon as possible. Thus, probable issues are eliminated before they occur.

Thanks to its flexible software infrastructure, Aktoğ minimizes manpower and error as well as ensures that the transactions in the process are done in the fastest way in overcoming and following all processes. Moreover, Aktoğ shares all the stages with its customers via the internet and presents a dynamic and transparent structure in its business.