In addition to the strong supply chain and freight port and door to door delivery to any location in the world that the company has established all over the world from Turkey to the World or from the whole world to Turkey by truck + ship or by train + ship solutions Aktoğ offers combined transport to its customers. Aktoğ has a structure that makes it capable to offer multiple options for all kinds of transportation to its customers.


• FCL/LCL import and export container transport
• Open Freight Transport
• Combined Transport
• Container Field Management
• Port-Factory-Port Container Transports
• Door-to-Door Logistics Solutions

We are also ready to share information for possible questions and problems regarding your maritime transport applications.
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Container Types

  • 20 Feet Container
  • 40 Feet Container
  • 40 Feet High Cube Container
  • 20 Feet Open Top Container
  • 40 Feet Open Top Container
  • 20 Feet Flat Rack Container
  • 40 Feet Flat Rack Container
  • 20 Feet Reefer Container
  • ISO Tank
  • Other Container Types

Faster, Safer and Greener

In addition to the standard and special type containers it serves, thanks to its Flexi and ISO Tank type containers included in its fleet, Aktoğ manages logistic operations of liquids and chemicals much faster, much safer and much environmentally friendly and with the highest possible volumes. Aktoğ, which continues to take new steps based on the demands of its customers, provides cost effective and time savings with the applications it has implemented.