Our semitrailers included in our fleet are designed to provide solutions for all kinds of cargos to our customers. We also serve our customers with our semitrailers used for live plants and flowers transport.

Our fleet serves with 20 double-deck semi-trailers to carry our customers' cargoes which need to be transported at different temperatures at the same time. Moreover, 10 of our semitrailers hold Pharmaserv-pharma drug transport certificates.

Our semitrailers offer solutions in medical - drug shipments of our customers operating in the pharmaceutical industry.



Temperature Controlled Transportation

With its refrigerated trucks included in the fleet, AKOĞ provides its customers with perfect services in the field of ​​temperature controlled transport.

Aktoğ successfully carries and transports frozen products at minus 20 and products of plus 20 degrees Celsius by these vehicles and is also capable to move and deliver loads of vegetables and fruits because Aktoğ is a successful food logistics service provider.

Aktoğ is capable of serving many different sectors with its tilt trailers, double decker, hanger equipped, insulated and special brake system equipped vehicles with different transport functions. All vehicles have the necessary safety equipment and are equipped with dynafleet and fleetboard systems that provide real-time monitoring and tracking.

AKTOĞ Fleet Managers run and manage activities such as selection, routing and follow-up of the vehicles to be used in transport of products with the efficient use of resources.

AKTOĞ fleet, consisting mostly of Volvo brand tractors, has 45 truck tractors as of 2015. The average age of the tractors is 3 years and they all meet the EURO 5 and EURO 6 emission norms.


Holding the highest level of complete technology, Aktoğ is always a company that makes important investments in technological infrastructure with the terms of innovative point of view and serves throughout Europe, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, CIS countries and Iran and provides partial and complete vehicle transport.

AKTOĞ, which serves by using the most effective transportation models, produces solutions specific to many different sectors including automotive, FMCG, health, e-commerce, retail and textile, manufacturing and electronics.
Transparent, Quality and Reliable Service

With its wide service network, worldwide powerful agencies, operational and sector expertise, customer oriented solutions, real team of customer relations management, order management systems, forwarding skill, modern and environmentalist fleet, AKTOĞ offers and provides its customers with transparent, high quality and reliable services.

While providing efficiency in operation management, the continuously developed order management systems also provides its customers with traceability, ease of tracking and clarity of services.



Partial Transport

Therefor, please do not miss the partial freight and partial container transportation we offer to you as AKTOĞ. The most cost effective, economical and insurance coverage of our shipments that set out in the shortest time possible and reach the consignee as soon as possible contribute in our developing one more step every day.

Our specialist teams and principled working environments offer the best opportunities for our valued customers.
Our solutions that focus on our customers’ partial shipments and partial freight transport are as follows:

  • 24/7 live support and contact phone,
  • Insured cargo transport,
  • Fast and reliable voyage and short delivery time,
  • Cost effective price assessment,
  • We have specialized employees and disciplined working environments.

Thanks to our valued customers and as one of Turkey’s leading companies, we Aktoğ are developing more and more every day and create our difference. If you want to have an economical and convenient Partial Freight Transport, you are at the right address.

Project Transport

Project transport is the carriage of non-standard heavy cargos from one place to another by non-standard methods. In our country there are many companies that provide project transportation services. What matters is to find and work with the right one. As AKTOĞ, we have always paid attention to provide quality service to our customers and we have made customer-oriented studies without sacrificing quality. You can use our transportation services and feel the difference. As AKTOĞ, there are the services we provide in Project transportation: Project transport and scenario management; Obtaining road permission; Procurement of the technical equipment; Foreign trade and regulatory support; Heavy cargo transportation; Turnkey cost management; Order tracking; Crane and survey; Full charter and part charter ship charters; Packing and lashing of cargos; Commodity insurance; Document emission.

There are many deliveries in the project transportation business: Factories, Pipelines; Power Plants; Steam turbines; Heat boilers and transformers; Tanks and pressure devices and Iron furnaces are just some of the commodities that can be transported within this scope.

In line with the demands received from our customers, at AKTOĞ we support your import and export cargos with wide transportation alternatives and logistic services and we finalize your cargos in the shortest time. With its headquarters, branches, warehouses, port offices and technological infrastructure, Aktoğ is the address of reliability and fast service in the project transportation.



Vehicle and Load Tracking System

Cargo Tracking and Monitoring System

Can track vehicles and loads on the map in real time,

Can get estimated driving times and mileage information,

Can view the locations of AKTOĞ and its agents as well as customers and suppliers on the map,

Can reach reports by order and time based analyses related to all of its orders and customize them on the basis of customers and/or suppliers,

And can track the status of all their orders.

The current status of the products carried for the customers is transmitted in time by e-mail. Upon request, the current situation is sent to the business partners of our customers including different business partners, as exit/arrival statuses.