In the year 2004 our company launched its international transport activities by obtaining C-2 Authorization Certificate. Our company is based in Mersin and under the C-2 Authorization Certificate, we have 90 company owned trucks and 90 company owned refrigerated vehicles  EU countries from Turkey and from EU countries throughout Georgia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Iraq to assist all customers who need international transport as it is a satisfaction focusing company. Our company, operating one of the youngest fleets in Turkey serves provides complete import and export and partial road transport services with a fleet consisting of 90 self-owned truck tractors and 90 refrigerated vehicles.

70 of our vehicles included in fleet are double-decker refrigerated with 20 compartments (for double-level transport) vehicles. All our vehicles are equipped with temperature recording devices and our vehicle fleet is tracked by a 7/24 satellite tracking system.

Our company, which has been set up with the goal to take its place among the leading brands of the sector since the day it was founded, has a structure offering all kinds of logistic services and is capable to offer and render all types of services required by the sector in a unified manner in the international arena and also to provide transport, warehousing and customs clearance solutions to its customers. Thanks to the services and solutions we produce for our customers in our portfolio, we are approaching our goal of being the leading brand in the industry.

Moreover, being the agency of Turkey for Allgaier Gruppe Deutschland, we have been providing all kinds of storage, warehousing, customs clearance in Turkey and Germany and inland transport across European countries for both complete and partial transports.

Our company Aktoğ International Transport which has launched its quality journey in 2004, obtained the ISO9001:2008 certificate in 2012 for the modern logistics services complying with quality standards. In the light of our vision, mission and corporate values, by creating the difference in transport business, we are constantly growing, always adopt the principle of customer-oriented, serving with team spirit, providing services to suppliers, agencies, and we continue our path in the transport industry by working in compliance with the philosophy of “win to win” that we apply to our relations with our customers and our cooperation and by making efforts to ensure mutual development for all partners. We wish to cooperate and collaborate in your complete and partial - grade/dry cargo in your import-export shipments where we implement all these specifications. All your freight demands will be promptly evaluated with our maximum competitive freight rates and our quotation will be passed to you as soon as possible.