In a globalizing and ever-changing world, we know the needs of customers to respond quickly to market changes. Our storage facilities allow us to find the right place for the storage and processing of your cargo. We ensure that your cargos are handled in the most appropriate and as effective manner as possible. We offer private sector-specific storage facilities for your products and needs.

Storage is an essential cost factor for logistics activities which can be greatly reduced by efficient management practices.

Aktoğ creates customized Warehouse Management System (WMS) software applications to support its warehouse and distribution center management. The created software enables resources to be optimized through daily planning, including the calculation of production and inventory levels.



Aktoğ also offers customized solutions for specific storage needs, including specific instructions for the customs clearance of goods and payment of customs duties. Thanks to WMS, goods can be processed and transported efficiently and efficiently.

We also manage warehouse entries such as filing and checking your admitted cargos. Our inbound services include unloading and palletizing shipments and inspecting whether the arriving goods is damaged. We also provide serial numbering, recording and sorting of products according to shelves.

The storage services of outgoing shipments include a large collection service such as Fisrt Expired, First Out (FEFO), Last In First Out (LIFO) and First In First Out (FIFO). We process your sales order with dynamic collection method, we check the accuracy of the order and we stamp your bills and load the cargos on the vehicles.

Warehouse Design

Efficient warehouse design is the basis of an efficient supply chain. Utilize and benefit from your unused storage areas, calibrate existing and new warehouses, organize your distribution process without incurring large capital costs and create data-driven, ergonomic warehouse layout plans that maximize your supply chain performance.

Working with Aktoğ;

  • Ensure that every square centimeter of your warehouse is used and operational,
  • Eliminate order and collection errors with efficient and profitable workflow and tracking technology,
  • Optimize resource allocation through smart inventory management,
  • Working with Aktoğ allows you to develop a growing warehouse design that changes according to the dynamic needs of your business.

Our range of services includes the following:

  • Plant location and field analysis
  • Supply Chain Modeling
  • Network Optimization
  • Cross-shipment layout and planning
  • Plant simulation modeling
  • Process flow analysis
  • Operation engineering and process development




With Aktoğ's state-of-the-art technology storage, software and operations management systems ensure that your operations are always synchronized and timely executed to the finest detail.

Bringing new and effective solutions to your complex logistics and supply chain management needs, Aktoğ provides centralized control of tasks such as warehouse management system (WMS), tracking inventory levels and stock locations and thus supporting daily operations in your warehouse, no matter how large your business network is flexible, offering a technology that can be tailored to your needs.

Follow the dynamic demands of multi-channel markets with an intuitive system to optimize your resources and increase your profit margins and be a step ahead of your competitors.

Contact an Aktoğ advisor immediately. Let us make a comprehensive review of your warehouse design and let you identify areas that can help you save costs and increase productivity.